Special family visa applicants may become a permanent resident. These adjustment of status programs are limited to individuals who meet particular qualifications and time frames for the special family visa. The following are the categories of special family visas:

  • Battered Spouse or Child (VAWA): Battered and abused spouses, children, and parents of a US citizen and certain battered and abused spouses and children of permanent residents can file immigrant visa petitions for themselves without the knowledge of the abuser. Note the abuser will not be notified about the filing of such petition.
  • K Nonimmigrant: Fiancees of US citizens and their minor children.
  • Person Born to a Foreign Diplomat in the US: A person born in the US to a foreign diplomat cannot be considered a US citizen at birth. However, the child is considered a permanent resident at birth and able to obtain a green card.
  • V Nonimmigrant: Spouse or child of a permanent resident to live and work in the US while waiting to obtain immigrant status.
  • Widow(er) of a U.S. Citizen: Widow(er) who have been legally married to US citizens at the time of their US citizen spouse’s death and have been married to the deceased US citizen for at least two years prior to the citizen’s death.
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